2021 IAGS Annual Day Participation Form


Based on the feedback received from our recent member survey, we are instituting the following for the 2021 IAGS Annual Event.

The event will be open to ALL members, regardless of age. State of New Jersey and CDC guidelines will be adhered to during the event.

Live participation in the cultural program is only open to fully vaccinated adults and children (12 and above).

Children under 12 or 12 and above that are unvaccinated can submit a two minute video that will be shown during the Annual Event.

The final decision on the Annual Event cultural program will be made based on the number of participation forms received.

Proof of vaccination will be required to participate in practices.

  1. All participants must be current members. New or renewing members can fill in the online membership form by going to the “Join Us!” page. The online participation form (see below) must be submitted by September 22, 2021.
  2. Practices will start around end of September. Choreographers and Volunteer parents will make best efforts to come up with a practice schedule; their decisions will be final. Parents are responsible for
    their children’s regular attendance in and transportation to practices. A participant can miss a maximum of two practices. Participant must attend dance rehearsal the week of the event (exact date will be announced at a later time).
  3. Parents agree to pay for participant’s costume whether rental or purchase.
  4. Decisions regarding entire program, grouping for performances, and related decisions will be made by IAGS Adult Committee and its appointed sub-committees.
  5. Adult participants: On the form, in the Participant section fill out your name, age (make one up if you like, just has to be over 18) and gender, for Grade type “NA”. Then in the Parent/Guardian section fill out your information in the Name, Email, and Cell Phone fields, followed by the Volunteering section and then SUBMIT.


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