2018 IAGS Picnic – Filling Our Lungs and Bellies with Goodness

It was an overcast, cool and crisp day, ideal for hours of athletic events. Thanks to the organizational abilities of Adult Committee member Alok and a motivated and committed Tween Committee, the IAGS Sports Day and Picnic was a great success.


We began the day knowing we would need to burn some calories. Thanks to the Food Committee, consisting of Chirag, Alpesh, and Jaimin, we filled up with a breakfast of tasty mixed pakoras, samosas, and chole from Bollywood Tadka. Offsetting the slight chill in the air, we washed down breakfast with some hot tea and coffee, setting the stage for a day of fun and memories.


There were a range of activities for young and old to participate in, and sometimes together! Prior to the official start of the games (official refers to the whistle Alok was wearing to get everyone’s attention), a combination of youngsters, teens and one adult took part in a spontaneous football game. After a last second fourth and goal to go touchdown, Alok sounded his whistle to mark the end of football and the beginning of the races.


There were races for the younger kids, teens, the Moms and the Dads. Judging by the explosive starts and fast finishes, there are certain to be some future track stars among the IAGS membership. There was even a first-place win by a father and son duo in their respective races! On a side note, in one of the Dad races, our President Keyur, pulled a hamstring while coming in second. Indeed, a speed injury that usually is only suffered by world class athletes. Next time you see Keyur please check in on his well-being and see if he has healed.


We paced ourselves and took a break for lunch. But just before we sat down for a meal, folks participated in the gol gappa eating contest. We are not exactly sure, but some may have thought we were serving appetizers. In any event, thanks to the culinary skills of Adult Committee member Pinki, who prepared the gol gappas, good fun and food were combined to stir childhood memories. Filling up on the main meal of pav bhaji, biryani and gulab jamuns meant picnic goers were ready for round two!


Alok and his trusty whistle sounded the start of a game of “Nuke Em”, kite flying and cricket. Many took to their activity of choice, while others took the time to socialize and catch up with friends and relatives. Truly something for everyone was on hand at the picnic. As the day wound down, those who stayed till the very end were rewarded with a thank you from Mother Nature, a burst of sunshine breaking through the clouds. We want to thank all who participated, see you next year and let’s make more memories!

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